Hello, world!


My name is Gaby and I want to share my passions with you!

You see, I have this theory: feelings and thoughts are contagious. Sometimes they are good feelings and thoughts, sometimes... not so much. So my goal here is to share with you the good, loving, helping, funny, happy kind. I want to make people dream, smile, to feel curious and inspired, to go out there and follow their passions just as I'm trying to follow mine.

I'm not a professional traveler or cook, or even writer for that matter, but being on a plane, testing a new recipe or putting down a crazy rambling thought into paper brings me unimaginable peace and joy, so this my way of sharing them with you and hopefully you will feel something like that too, which will encourage you to do what you love and inspire others, creating a cycle of positivity.

So come along on this journey... It might be really fun!

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